15 September 2014 AmericanDad

i gotta find somewhere that makes custom #Choda_Boy costumes in size “Extra Fat” for this “weird mother-fucker” i know ;)

i gotta find somewhere that makes custom #Choda_Boy costumes in size “Extra Fat” for this “weird mother-fucker” i know ;)

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bigger is better  #HumpDatShit@DaveNavarro @dancleary79 @Todd_Newman

bigger is better  #HumpDatShit
@DaveNavarro @dancleary79 @Todd_Newman

5 September 2014 inchworm motherfucker

well since uncle creepy is now single……i can publicly show off my 10ga Anatometal Apadravya without getting bitched out for it……
(you’re welcome ladies)

oh and since farrahfuckingflawless is always asking for guys to send nudes…..here ya go honey…..this D-piece is for you!  :)


30 August 2014 Darth D-piece


tattoo by Tytto Tatau



tattoo by Tytto Tatau


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future islands guy dances better than axl rose having a seizure
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26 April 2014

that one time back in ‘92 when a demon possessed maynard…

24 March 2014 Maynard James Keenan Tool

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tonite…..i was touched by greatness….
LVX 93/93

15 March 2014

\m/  \m/   tomorrow will be the 5th To0L show that i’ve been fortunate enuff to attend in my lifetime, and the 1st time i’ve ever been FRONT FUCKING ROW!!!…. in honor of the impending squeegeeing of my 3rd eye quite cleanly…..i made these rad .gifs    #I_Truely_Feel_Blessed   LVX 93/93

13 March 2014 Spiral Out My Lovely Cunts

SOOOOOO happy right now
my brand new….14mm obsidian oval labret….handmade by #The_Stone_Demuhn himself….Mr. Mateo Way arrived today!!!
its so shiny & smooth……magickal perfection in every way…..I LOVE IT!!!!
seriously….the quality & attention to detail is far superior to ANY other jewelry makers…..if you are a #Modified_Person you owe it to yourself to check out his work…..INCREDIBLE!!!
#Black_On_Black_On_Black #Sith_Lord_For_Life

10 March 2014



Crystallized coyote skull… death succumbing to beauty and renewal.

From the series Crystal Skulls, Skin, and Bones


BEYOND !!!!!!!!!! SO RAD !!!!!!!

ridiculously incredible!!!

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what if i want more than (ONe)?

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Star Wars Symbols


Star Wars Symbols

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